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#EzRepost @paulgetter with @ezrepostapp When building a brand…

#EzRepost @paulgetter with @ezrepostapp

When building a brand you need to keep an eye to 4 important aspects of it:

1. Color – whenever your brand is seen, is it memorable? Are you changing colors very often? Being consistent and having a theme can help your brand be recognized and remembered more easily.

2. Trust – if your brand is not trusted to deliver what it has promised you will have a harder time building it to the top.

3. Value – your brand should provide value to your customers and followers no matter the type of product, services or content it shares.

4. Consistency – if a brand isn’t consistent with delivering the same amount of value every time, the followers or clients will slowly lose interest. Consistency and value go hand in hand. Consider this aspect when delivering services, goods or content.

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World liver day 2019: Here are some evergreen secrets from Ayurveda to keep your organ healthy!

Ayurveda lists a few easily available food items that can help you detox your liver naturally.

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